Deeper authenticity & transparency...greater trust. Leaders lead best that are trusted the most.

Authentic Communication in Leaders

The understanding of Authentic Communication in Leaders serves to deepen the authentic & transparent communication skills in leaders in any sphere of influence.

Consultation in Leaders

Serving leaders in the deepening of authentic & transparent communication skills is customized in their unique sphere of influence.

Advanced Interviewing for Law Enforcement Professionals

The Advanced Interviewing training seminar is designed to strengthen the single most important skill for law enforcement professionals of any rank.

Trauma & Resilience Realized

Most, if not all, of humanity has experienced trauma. Understanding trauma, its causes and effects, and the power of resilience is an important key to life.

About STC

Terrance Mortimer

Terrance Mortimer

Founder & Principal

ATF Special Agent Mortimer (Retired) is a former Training Manager at the ATF National Academy, and member of the critical incident ATF Peer Response Team, with over 30 years of law enforcement experience. As the CoFounder of STC, he conducts seminars in Authentic Communication in Leaders, Advanced Interviewing for Law Enforcement Professionals, Trauma and Resilience Realized, and personally serves leaders in their unique sphere of influence.


Anna Harris

Anna Harris

Director of Human Chemistry and Talent, North American Rescue, LLC

“Terry provided a cutting edge class on communication and interviewing skills that fit perfectly into our company leadership program! The class was insightful, eventful and my employees continue to use the techniques learned as they face things within their every day jobs. We highly recommend Terry and his training!”

Sheriff Mike Crenshaw

Sheriff Mike Crenshaw

The Oconee County Sheriffs Office

"The Salem Training and Consultancy provided some great training for my staff in the area of advanced interviewing and interrogation. This is the greatest tool that a law enforcement officer can have because it is used with every interaction on a daily basis. Having communication skills is a priority in our profession. This training benefitted our rookie deputies as well as our veteran officers. I highly recommend STC’s Advanced Interviewing for Law Enforcement seminar!"

Tommy Moore

Tommy Moore

Executive Director, JUMPSTART

"I have found Terry to be an insightful, wise counsel to our team. We utilize Terry for personal coaching and culture creation."